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In the south-western corner of the European continent, hugging the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal lies vibrant yet homely. There is a myriad of things to see and things to do in Portugal. Pick a trendy beach club in Portugal and the perfect golf club, and pack your bags for amazing family holidays in Portugal. On your next vacation in Portugal, visit Lisbon, the city of the seven hills. Hop on the old-timey trams and explore the city or enjoy a stroll along the cobbled streets on your way to its art museums and gourmet food markets. Why not have some delicious Portuguese Cured Ham? Right across, at a stone's throw away lies tranquil Comporta, a world away from the hustle and buste of the capital. Visit this piece of heaven on your trip to Portugal for infinite stretches of sandy beaches, breathtaking nature and find our collection of the most beautiful small and cosy, or large luxury villas to rent in Portugal. Wild yet poetic, elegant yet rustic, Comporta is the gem of the holiday destinations in Portugal: this is the dream getaway of the new, refined Robinson Crusoes. 

Somewhere between the sea and breathtaking lagoons, our luxury villas in Comporta combine ancient tradition with design, the magical feel of these idyllic settings with a warm rustic charm. Blue and white fishermen's shacks and ultra-contemporary designer huts adorn this peninsula bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Here, life is sweet and slow and time flows to the rhythm of the waves. Have a yoga class on its sandy beaches, lulled by the murmur of the ocean, then answer their call and rise to the challenge: grab a surfboard and set off into the wild waves, then hang ten triumphant. Or set off to explore the nearby Sado Estuary for a chance to see the playful dolphins that have settled in the nature reserve frolic in the water. In the south, your Portuguese road trip leads you to the Moorish and Roman Algarve standing proud surrounded by castles. The history and culture here is overwhelming, with fado sessions dotted across the region. The food is unsurprisingly delicious. Leitão (suckling pig), Piri Piri chicken, or conquilhas à Algarvia (shellfish): pick your favourite and dig in! End the day with a visit of Cape St. Vincent, one of the most impressive places on your holiday in Portugal: the most southwestern point of Europe, the last piece of land before the Atlantic Ocean and the Americas. As you search for the end of the blue horizon, remember these moments of joy and discovery on your holidays in Portugal.

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When to leave

Holidays in Portugal are most popular during the summer months, when the sun is bright and the temperatures are high. 

However, you can also opt for a trip to Portugal in spring and autumn, as the crowds thin out and temperatures become milder. This is a great time to enjoy the weather and explore the nature while avoiding the rainy season of the winter months.

How to get there

If you are planning a vacation in Portugal, you should know that our villas here are all easily accessible, with Lisbon Airport in the centre of the country and Faro airport in the south. 

There is also a good network of trains linking major cities, and some of the best roads in the European Union, perfect for those wishing to take the scenic route on your trip to Portugal.

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