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Our villas for rent in South Corsica are all about getting back to where it all began and simple pleasures. In Propriano, follow a hidden path that winds from your architect-designed house and ends facing the Mediterranean. Perched on the heights, enjoy a barbecue surrounded by mountains as well as the sea, feeling like you have it all to yourself. Enjoy time with your family in the traditional atmosphere of a stone house in Sartène, known as "the most Corsican of Corsican towns." The wide floorboards murmur under your feet and the rustic furniture has a contemporary design feel to it. In Porto-Vecchio or Ajaccio you can forget the mainland, as you look out onto the Mediterranean Sea that starts where the infinity pool ends. Contemporary or picturesque, our villas in South Corsica blend in respectfully with the wilderness surrounding them.

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Time seems to slow down from the moment you set foot on South Corsica. Nestled between Mount Incudine and the Mediterranean Sea, the coastal towns of Propriano and Porto-Vecchio have preserved their way of life against all odds. Stop in the back streets to sample a platter of Corsican cold cuts on a shady terrace, sign up for an exciting game of pétanque at the feet of green oak trees, or just wander wherever the gentle breeze that caresses the beach takes you. In a nutshell, you'll forget about the rest of the world. Here in this most wooded area of France nature reigns supreme, from the sea-sculpted rocky inlets at Piana to the needle-like stones at Bavella Pass. Our luxury villas in South Corsica are steeped in the pastoral charm of the arbutus trees, pine trees and vineyards in these serene places.

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