Owner Information

Le Collectionist is the first independent top-of-the-line seasonal property rental company in Europe. We have 2300 properties in our collection, spread across 100 destinations with 15 local offices. We carefully select the houses that we offer to our clients. There is no fixed criteria, we work from a love of architecture, vision, and story.

We accept 5% of submitted houses. In short, the properties listed on our site must correspond to a certain aesthetic and meet our standards of comfort.

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Publishing Process

Each accepted house follows a rigorous publishing process in order to be showcased to our clients. The key steps are:

1. Submit your property via our questionnaire

2. Le Collectionist response within 48 hours

3. Mandate signature

4. Property inspection conducted by our teams

5. House photoshoot if necessary

6. House is published on Le Collectionist


We maintain real estate agent status in order to best protect our owners and our clients. This involves respecting certain formalities such as signing a mandate before publishing and signing a rental contract for each stay. No exclusivity is requested from our owners.

We maintain a local presence in our primary destinations in order to support our homeowners and assure top-quality onsite support for our clients.


We are intermediaries between you and the client. We find the client, draft the contracts, and collect the funds and the deposit. We will transfer the funds to you in two steps: a deposit on signature and the remaining balance one month before the rental.

Our clients are international high-spenders looking for a unique vacation experience in a full-service private property. Our concierge team is there to support them leading up to and throughout their stay. We understand their needs and take care of every detail in order to minimize the burden of the owner during their stay.

Publishing is free. We are paid per rental with a commission up to 20%.