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From east to west, our Corsica villa rentals reflect the Corsican spirit and have held onto the charm of ancient stone. On the island known to the Greeks as Cyrnos, you live at the rhythm of the sun. Our villas in Corsica have got playing with shade and light down to a fine art. In the heart of the thicket, at the foot of the mountains or right in the middle of the vines, huts, shacks and verandas are hidden away in country gardens. Pleasant lunches with family or friends linger on in the shade of the gazebos and on the terraces overlooking the sea, and relaxation sessions stretch out next to the infinity pools.

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Surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean, Corsica landscapes range from charming to spectacular, gentle to breathtaking and from weather-beaten to flamboyant. Its thousand kilometres of coastline unfurl wild creeks, marinas and heavenly beaches. In its mountainous green hinterland, you feel like an intrepid explorer setting off for undiscovered territory. From Bastia in the north to Bonifacio in the south, take in vistas that look like scenes from paintings come to life. Among them are Monte Cinto, the highest point of the island which exceeds 2000 metres altitude; the pozzines of Coscione which look like fantastic prairies; and the needles of Bavella that stretch their jagged arms up to the sky. Wild nature reigns alone from Saint-Florent to Porto-Vecchio, from the untouched creeks of the Agriates desert to the wonderful beaches encroached upon by thicket. Between land and sea, our luxury villas in Corsica blend into the wild surroundings of the ‘Isle of beauty.

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