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Begin your odyssey by browsing our selection of villa rentals in Greece. Elegant Californian-style houses overlook the clear waters of the Aegean and cling to the side of the cliffs. Our ultra-modern stone houses are located on the edge of nature reserves or facing the beaches of Crete. Designer villas with Cycladic influences seem set between the sky and the earth, in the quiet of the wild hills. Each of our luxury villas in Greece is a unique place where time goes by peacefully, whether it’s right beside the water, in the heart of a village or hidden away in the hinterland.

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Greece has a thousand faces: the stalls of the village markets, the ancient sites, the limpid water’s edge and the mysterious mountains. From Mount Olympus to Cape Sounion and the plains of Thessaly to the islands of the Dodecanese, each new place in this country of islands and turquoise sea is a surprise and unlike any other. Athens symbolises this continual renewal, which swings constantly between tradition and modernity. At pavement cafés, young and old mingle in lively conversation. You can climb all the way up the Acropolis and then let yourself get lost in the streets full of street art, or cool off in the National Museum of Modern Art. From Crete to the Saronic Gulf, to Santorini, Rhodes and Hydra, our villas in Greece stand sedately in a garden inspired by Roman times or by a swimming pool suspended above the sea.

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