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Settle over the calm sea in style with our villas in Paros. Our rent house in Paros will keep you enthralled with its infinity pool, as a private concierge takes care of all details so you are left worry-free. So just stand on the rocky shore and enjoy one of our luxury villas in Paros with a view of the open seas. Gems among the villas in Paros, our rental houses will be your personal castle on the seashore. And when well rested, explore the raw beauty of the island, or walk down to the ports and towns with their clamour, Greek-style nightlife, seafood and culture.

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The island of Paros, sculpted by the warm Aegean Sea, is the perfect place to feel the timelessness of Greece. A piece of the jagged puzzle of Greek islands, the island is paired with Naxos and several more islands to form the exotic group known as the Cyclades. Glide across the blue waters with the ferry from Piraeus and settle into the quaint rhythm of the island, or branch out to Naxos, Santorini and Crete. Those who are looking for a thrill will find that the trade winds mean first-rate windsurfing. Soak in the dazzling sunlight as the island brings to life the colours of the Greek flag: deep blue sea and the dazzling white island houses. Choose amongst the dozens of beaches, each with its own charm and combination of sand, rocks and water, or climb up to the Venetian Fortress for a breathtaking view.

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