Appartement Turner 

8 guests
5 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
600 sqm
The Turner Apartment—which has frosted balustrades to ensure privacy— is set square in the middle of an expansive sun-weathered wooden terrace. It feels like being on the...

Key features

Heated pool
Sea view
Beach within walking distance
Restaurants and bars within walking distance


Dining Room 1
Dining Room 2
Living Room
Hi-fi stereo Flat screen TV
Bedroom 1
Terrace Dressing room Flat screen TV Double bed Suite (bedroom and living area)
Bathroom 1
Separate toilet Double sink Shower Bathtub

The surroundings

Over the course of the four seasons, Cannes drapes itself in a vibrant array of colors. There are the deep blues of the sea; the vibrant yellow of the mimosa flowers that bloom in the hills; and the prestigious red of the carpets that adorn the stairs for the Cannes Film Festival. At the end of La Croisette, where the land becomes the sea, the Turner Apartment is perched high on the roof of a building. From this vantage point, your gaze has the choice of taking in the deep blues of the Mediterranean or the sparkling turquoise mosaic of the pool.

Sea view
Restaurants and bars within walking distance
Beach within walking distance
Shops within walking distance


Swimming pool
Central air-conditioning
Central heating
Outdoor bar
Children's toys
Wine cellar

Services included at this house

Cleaning: daily
A dedicated Tailor to organise your tailor-made holiday
Our local team available during your whole stay

You can ask your Tailor for additional services at any moment. Among our services are: transportation, a sports coach, a personal chef, a babysitter and many others.

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Conditions of reservation

From €5,360 to €26,785 /night

Appartement Turner

From €5,360 to €26,785 /night

Check-in Check-out

A house carefully curated and inspected. An entirely tailor-made holiday. An excellence of service always guaranteed by our on-site team.