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A veritable cocoon of comfort, Villa Terracotta is ideal for families or groups of friends. It offers privileged access to the beauties of the Tuscan landscape and the flourishing history of the province of Siena. "Il y a des villes comme les petites villes toscanes qui portent le voyageur, le soutiennent à chaque pas et rendent sa démarche plus légère" ("There are places, such as the little Tuscan villages, that carry the traveller, supporting him in every step and lightening his gait") – Albert Camus.

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Watch the Palio from a resident’s house

The Palio race is held twice a year, on 2 July and 16 August. This famous horse race is ridden bareback and has been organised every year since 1644, almost without fail, on the main square in Siena, Piazza del Campo. Enter a local resident’s house to watch the race from one of the balconies around the edge of the square.

Roam the truffle roads on a Vespa

Mount a Vespa and set out to explore magnificent, unspoilt roads in the heart of Tuscany with our guide who knows every nook and cranny of the area. He will share the region’s best-kept secrets with you, including a private museum, liqueur manufacture, hilltop village and the forest where he hunts truffles.

Visit a cigar factory in Lucca

The cultivation of tobacco has, for a long time, been one of the major activities in Tuscan farming, and a couple of die-hard cigar manufacturers still remain in the region today. Discover one of these factories where cigars are still rolled by hand, and learn the basics of manufacturing with a passionate cigar maker.

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  • tag Nature view
  • tag No neighbors
  • tag Out of town

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Bedroom 5

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Bedroom 5 bathroom

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Swimming pool

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