Villa Castellina 

18 guests
9 bedrooms
9 bathrooms
600 sqm

€3,857 /night

Key features

Outdoor swimming pool
Central air-conditioning
Out of town

Services included with this house

Cleaning: daily
A dedicated Tailor to organise your tailor-made holiday
Our local team available during your whole stay

You can ask your Tailor for additional services at any moment. Among our services are: transportation, a sports coach, a personal chef, a babysitter and many others.

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Living Room
6 Sofa
4 Armchair
2 Flat screen TV
Sound system
Separate kitchen
Nespresso machine
Dining Room
18 Seats
Bedroom 1
1 Double bed
Dressing room
Bathroom 1
Bedroom 2
1 Double bed

The surroundings

Shops within driving distance
Restaurants and bars within driving distance
City center within driving distance


Swimming pool
Central air-conditioning
Central heating
Deck chairs
Video projector
Ping Pong table
Vegetable garden
Raised garden

Le Collectionist Experiences

Dig through our exclusive experiences imagined by our team of Tailors for this destination. Inspire us with your passions and your desires - we would be more than happy to create experiences especially for you.

Roam the truffle roads
Mount your Vespa and depart onto the truffle roads of Tuscany with our guide by your side.
Visit the ultimate cigar factory
Discover one of the last factories in Tuscany, where they continue to roll cigars by hand.
Watch the Palio at a local's house
Meet up at a resident’s home to watch Siena’s horse race from a balcony in the main square.
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They travelled with us

Deeply committed and passionate, our teams leave nothing to chance. They make every moment of your holidays flexible and incomparably simple.

Conditions of reservation

€3,857 /night

Villa Castellina

€3,857 /night

Check-in Check-out

A house carefully curated and inspected. An entirely tailor-made holiday. An excellence of service always guaranteed by our on-site team.