Villa César 

8 guests
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
700 sqm
Close to Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine symbolizes the elegance and refinement that has been the hallmark of the French capital for hundred of years. A city bordered on one sid...

Key features

Villa manager
Indoor swimming pool
Fitness equipment


Living room
Dining room
Professional kitchen
Bedroom 1
Double bed TV
Bedroom 1 bathroom
Separate toilet Hairdryer Single sink Walk-in shower
Bedroom 2
Double bed Terrace TV Nature view Dressing room

The surroundings

Nature view
Shops within walking distance
Restaurants and bars within walking distance


Swimming pool
Fitness equipment
Gym room
Massage room
Central heating
Central air-conditioning
Wine cellar

Services included at this house

Villa manager
Cleaning: daily
A dedicated Tailor to organise your tailor-made holiday
Our local team available during your whole stay

You can ask your Tailor for additional services at any moment. Among our services are: transportation, a sports coach, a personal chef, a babysitter and many others.

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Conditions of reservation

Licence number: non applicable - para hotelier

From €5,500 to €11,000 /night

Villa César

From €5,500 to €11,000 /night

Check-in Check-out

A house carefully curated and inspected. An entirely tailor-made holiday. An excellence of service always guaranteed by our on-site team.