Chalet Diatellia 

14 guests
5 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
How is it possible to describe this Swiss territory that concentrates so many natural treasures, so many landscapes of stunning beauty? Maybe if one described the 680 gla...

Key features

In-home ski and boot fitting
Ski closet
Home Theater
Mountain view


Living room 1
TV Fireplace
Living room 2
Dining room 1
Dining room 2
Kitchen 1
Kitchen 2

The surroundings

Nature view
Mountain view


Ski closet
Home Theater

Services included at this house

Afternoon tea (tea and pastries)
In-home ski and boot fitting
Prepared dinner
Prepared breakfast
Cleaning: daily
A dedicated Tailor to organise your tailor-made holiday
Our local team available during your whole stay

You can ask your Tailor for additional services at any moment. Among our services are: transportation, a sports coach, a personal chef, a babysitter and many others.

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Conditions of reservation

From CHF 4,937 to CHF 5,286 /night

Chalet Diatellia

From CHF 4,937 to CHF 5,286 /night

Check-in Check-out

A house carefully curated and inspected. An entirely tailor-made holiday. An excellence of service always guaranteed by our on-site team.