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The architectural traditions determine the structure of Chalet Diatellia and are responsible for the mountain style; a style sublimed by the presence in every room of modernity and design.

Key features


In-home ski and boot fitting


Ski closet


Home Theater


Mountain view

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Our nearby experiences

Between the snow and the heavens

Take to the air and discover the adrenaline-soaked sport of speedflying, a cross between skiing and high-speed flight. Strap your skis on tight and take the plunge with Gaël, an experienced pilot and two-time Swiss national champion, for an introduction to this incredible activity. An exceptional opportunity to see the snowy peaks and the Bagnes Valley from another angle, a moment out of time and an exhilarating experience.

Leader of the pack

Holding the reins of a pack of huskies, dash through the frozen landscape. Lost amid the endless white, surrounded by glaciers and forests, stop off for an aperitif in the grandest of natural settings. A perfect opportunity to ask Olivia, our musher, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sled dogs and the untamed natural beauty of these mountains, her lifelong passion.

Frozen torrents

Strap on your crampons and slip on your gloves as you set off to conquer the frozen falls of Bonatchiesse. Whether you’re a novice climber or an old hand, follow our professional guide up this shimmering frozen surface, picking your way among the crystalline fissures and surrealist forms naturally sculpted into the ice. A gourmet picnic awaits at the top, ready to be devoured as you marvel at the breathtaking view.

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  • tag Ski closet

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Included services

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  • tag In-home ski and boot fitting
  • tag Chauffeur
  • tag Afternoon tea (tea and pastries)

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Bedroom 1

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Bedroom 1 bathroom

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Bedroom 2

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Bedroom 2 bathroom

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  • tag Double sink
  • tag Shower
  • tag Bathtub

Bedroom 3

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Bedroom 3 bathroom

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  • tag Single sink
  • tag Bathtub

Bedroom 4

  • tag Dormitory

Bedroom 4 bathroom

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  • tag Shower
  • tag Double sink
  • tag Bathtub

Bedroom 5

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Bedroom 5 bathroom

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  • tag Single sink
  • tag Bathtub

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