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Owner rental terms and conditions

General Rental Conditions

Le Collectionist, a French simplified joint stock company (société par actions simplifiées) with capital of €1.020.710,70, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 789 370 152, holder of business license no. CPI 7501 2015 000 002 893 issued by the Paris Prefecture, allowing it to provide the services offered in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 70-9 of January 2, 1970 and Decree no. 72-678 of July 20, 1972, with a financial guarantee amounting to €5.580.000 issued by Galian, located at 89 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France, whose registered office is located at 65 rue de la Victoire - 75009 Paris, France, represented by its President, Mr Max Aniort. 

Le Collectionist (hereinafter the "Representative") runs a website that can be viewed at https://www.lecollectionist.com/fr (hereinafter the “Website”), allowing owners/lessors of luxury properties (hereinafter the "Owners/Lessors" or the "Principal") to rent them seasonally to guests interested in reserving them (hereinafter the “Guests” or the “Lessees”).

These General Terms and Conditions apply solely and exclusively to agreements and contracts concluded with the company Le Collectionist. In the event that agreements or contracts are concluded with other companies within the group, including subsidiary companies located abroad, other general terms and conditions may apply.


Personal Data / Privacy Policy

Le Collectionist may ask you to provide your personal information when it is necessary for the provision of its services. Your personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Appendix 1 "Personal Data". This Appendix 1 constitutes an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions. In addition, any information provided on the Website will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This policy sets out, among other things, how we process personal data and how you can exercise your rights to data protection. For more information, we invite you to read our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed by clicking here.


Clause 1 – Purpose

The Principal hereby grants the following powers to Le Collectionist, who accepts them:

Power to look for lessees on the Principal's behalf in order to enter into seasonal rental agreements within the meaning of Article 1-1 of Law no. 70-9 of January 2, 1970.
Power to accept, receive and collect all rents, rental fees, and security deposits relating to the seasonal rental agreements entered into in accordance with this Proxy.
Le Collectionist agrees to display the Property on the Website, provided that Le Collectionist does not make any commitment regarding the order of appearance of its principals' properties on the Website.

By signing this Proxy, the Principal fully accepts the privacy policy mentioned on the Website without reservation.


Article 2 – Le Collectionist's Duties

Pursuant to this Proxy, Le Collectionist is authorized by the Principal to carry out the following tasks:

Take all steps, at its own expense, to achieve the desired search results and in particular to advertise the Property, at its own convenience and by any means, especially using photos of the Property shown on the Website or on any other media or platform.
Prepare the seasonal rental listings in accordance with Articles L. 324-2 and L. 324-2-1 of the French Tourism Code.
Draw up any other private deed, receipt, or invoice necessary for the performance of the Proxy.
Request any documents that may be necessary for performance of the Proxy.
Organize visits to the Property as it sees appropriate.
Use all external assistance in order to successfully perform the rental agreement and do any urgent or essential work required to perform and comply with the rental agreement (e.g. plumbing in the event of a leak, urgent electrical repairs) up to a maximum amount of 500 euros per repair and 1,000 euros per stay, while informing the principal.
Draw up and enter into seasonal rental agreements at the prices, rental costs, and conditions that the Principal accepts prior to each rental.
Collect, without limitation, all amounts for Rent (including rental costs and commissions), security deposits, sureties and, more generally, all amounts collected as a result of managing the Property, as well as making all payments in connection with such management.
Immediately notify the Principal of any difficulties relating to performance of the Proxy (such as a request for termination of the rental agreement beyond the time limits stated in it, or payment of the rental by a bad check) so that the Principal and Le Collectionist can jointly decide on interim precautionary measures to be taken.
Notify the Principal as soon as possible when a Lessee wishes to rent the Property.

Article 3 – Obligation to Inform

Le Collectionist shall advise and assist the Principal during the entire term of the Proxy.

Le Collectionist shall inform the Principal of the tax and social security obligations they owe resulting from income or revenue from a transaction made via Le Collectionist in accordance with Article 242bis of the French General Tax Code.

Le Collectionist shall inform the Principal, whose Property is located in France, of the following:

(i) When the Property is the Principal's secondary residence, the Principal is required to report it to the City Hall of the city where the Property is located in accordance with Articles L. 324-1-1, paragraph II° and D. 324-1-1, paragraph I° of the French Tourism Code.

(ii) The obligation to make the aforementioned declaration subject to registration with the local authorities (commune) in the city where the Property is located, in cities where the change of use of premises intended for housing is subject to prior authorization within the meaning of Articles L. 631-7 and L. 631-9 of the French Construction and Housing Code, in accordance with Articles L. 324-1-1, paragraph II and III and D. 324-1-1 of the French Tourism Code. This reporting obligation applies both to the Properties that are the Principal's primary residence and to those that are the Principal's secondary residence.

(iii) The obligation to provide Le Collectionist with a declaration on honor confirming compliance with their obligations to report in advance, stating whether or not the Property is their primary residence within the meaning of Article 2 of Law no. 89-462 of July 6, 1989. This obligation applies both to the Properties that are the Principal's primary residence and to those that are the Principal's secondary residence.

(iv) The obligation to provide Le Collectionist with the thirteen (13) character accommodation declaration number issued by the local authorities (commune) in the city where the Property is located during the prior reporting procedure subject to registration referred to in Article L. 324-1-1, paragraph II of the French Tourism Code. This obligation applies both to the Properties that are the Principal's primary residence and to those that are the Principal's secondary residence. This number must be included in Article 1 of the Special Conditions of the Proxy.


Article 4 – Principal's Obligations

The Principal may be put in contact with the staff employed by Le Collectionist (or of one of its subsidiaries) and/or with external service providers presented by Le Collectionist or intervening on its behalf. Throughout the duration of the Proxy, and for a period of twelve (12) months following the end of the Proxy, whatever the cause, the Principal undertakes not to solicit, canvass, poach or enter into business relations, directly or indirectly, with the employees or service providers of Le Collectionist (or of one of its subsidiaries). The Principal also undertakes not to encourage them to leave Le Collectionist (or one of its subsidiaries) or to divert business from it. The Principal expressly recognises that Le Collectionist (or, where applicable, one of its subsidiaries) will suffer serious prejudice in the event of a breach of these stipulations. Consequently, the Principal irrevocably undertakes to compensate Le Collectionist for all the damages, losses and costs which could result directly or indirectly from the failure to fulfill any one of the obligations incumbent upon it under the terms of these provisions.


The Principal agrees to:

Provide Le Collectionist with all documents proving ownership of the Property and other documents required by Le Collectionist.
Provide Le Collectionist with a valid and up-to-date RIB/IBAN corresponding to a bank account opened in the name of the Principal, to which rental income (excluding Commission) will be paid.
Obtain all the necessary permits and file all the declarations required for authorizing seasonal rentals at the Property.
Immediately notify Le Collectionist and provide it with any useful supporting documents should there be a change in the Principal's legal structure and/or the way in which the Property is managed.
Authorize Le Collectionist to list for rent, display, and show the Property to potential Lessees. Therefore, the Principal shall allow Le Collectionist (i) to visit the Property throughout the term of the Proxy, provided that they are informed in advance of the dates of Le Collectionist's visits, and (ii) to take pictures of the Property and put them on the Website and any other media that Le Collectionist deems appropriate (for marketing and/or media purposes such as brochures, articles, press releases, magazines and other platforms).
Make the Property, its adjoining buildings, outbuildings, annexes and amenities available in accordance with the Information Sheet, clean, in good working order, and in compliance with the standards previously communicated by Le Collectionist. The Property's amenities must comply with the applicable standards (notably with regards to security) and be suitable for the maximum number of guests that can stay there as stated on the Information Sheet. In particular, the Principal must ensure the regular maintenance and at least once a year by a specialized company of fireplaces, flues, boilers, water heaters, radiators and other special equipment of the property (swimming pool, spa, elevator, etc.), and provide on request of the Agent a copy of the maintenance contracts relating thereto. Any failure to comply with this obligation and any resulting damage, as well as the financial consequences resulting therefrom (relocation or compensation of a Client, etc.), shall be the sole responsibility of the Principal. The Principal must also ensure the perfect condition of the interior pipes, water and gas taps, fittings and sanitary installations. The Principal must also take all measures to prevent the presence of pests (insects, rodents, termites, etc.) by using the services of a specialized company if necessary.
If Le Collectionist does not have a local representative on-site: Welcome and cultivate customary relations with the Lessees according to the standards communicated in advance by Le Collectionist (i.e. fluency in conversational English and the ability to communicate with a demanding clientèle).
Provide the Lessee with exclusive use of the Property for the rental period stated in the rental agreement once the Lessee has confirmed the rental dates with Le Collectionist.
Notify Le Collectionist of any changes made to the interior or exterior of the Property or its surroundings that may affect the rental within fifteen (15) days of such changes.
Notify Le Collectionist of any repairs or planned repairs inside or outside the Property or its surroundings that the Principal is aware of that may affect the comfort level of the rented Property or its surroundings as soon as possible before the rental period begins.
Send the inventory of the furniture (with photos) made available to the Lessee at the Property, if available.
Take out a comprehensive home insurance policy with extended landlord letting furnished accommodation coverage for the rental period that especially covers fire, water damage, and burglary of the Principal's personal belongings. Before the Property is first rented and as soon as possible at any time Le Collectionist so requests, the Principal must provide Le Collectionist with (i) an insurance certificate and (ii) a copy of the signed insurance contract.
Notify Le Collectionist as soon as possible of any compensation for claim that has occurred in accordance with Articles L. 125-1 et seq. of the French Insurance Code.
Make the following products available to Lessees: (i) new, high quality toiletries and cleaning products (toilet paper, towels, bath mats, soap, shower gel, shampoo) in a quantity that is proportionate to the maximum number of guests that may stay at the Property as stated on the Information Sheet; (ii) pantry staples; (iii) a minimum of two (2) sets of keys.
Ensure the Lessee may peacefully enjoy the Property during the rental period and hold the Lessee harmless from any flaws or defects affecting the Property that prevent its use, even if the Principal was not aware of them at the time the rental agreement was entered into.
Comply with laws and regulations relating to the respect of privacy, protection of personal data, and computer and freedom. The Client shall be informed in advance and in writing of the presence of alarm systems, video surveillance, or any system or tool capable of capturing or monitoring the image or activity of individuals. No system or tool shall be activated in the interior or exterior spaces of the Property during the rental. The operating procedures for alarm and video surveillance systems shall be subject to a written notice.
If Le Collectionist or the Principal find any damage to the Property caused by the Lessee, the Principal will have a period of seventy-two (72) hours from the Lessee's departure to declare any damage or loss to Le Collectionist in connection with the rental period that was not reported on the final inventory if it was drawn up by Le Collectionist and a period of twenty-four (24) hours if it was drawn up by the Principal or if there isn’t a final inventory ;  The Principal shall send to Le Collectionist, within fifteen (15) days from the day of the check out inventory, the quotes allowing to quantify and justify the extent of the damage as well as the precise amount to be deducted from the security deposit, under penalty of nullity. Le Collectionist may then compensate the Principal, upon presentation of the invoice for the work, up to the total amount of the security deposit.
Have the work, repairs, or restorations done as soon as possible in accordance with the estimates provided, for which it will have received compensation from the Lessee, specifically by withholding from the security deposit.
In the event that the Principal provides or makes available to Le Collectionist comments, texts, photos, audios, videos, information, or any other content ("the Content"), related to the Property: The Principal undertakes that the Content is up-to-date, sincere, and loyal (e.g. current, unretouched or unaltered photos). The Principal grants Le Collectionist a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to access, use, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, distribute, publish, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise exploit such Content. The Principal is solely responsible for all Content provided and/or made available and warrants that they own or are authorized to grant Le Collectionist the rights described herein. The Principal is responsible if any of the Content violates or infringes the intellectual property or privacy rights of a third party.

Pass on to Le Collectionist any rental request from a former Lessee who previously rented the Property through Le Collectionist. Throughout the entire term of the Proxy, the Principal shall not be authorized to re-rent the Property to a Lessee previously found by Le Collectionist without paying the agreed Commission. The Principal shall also refrain from making contact with a former Lessee that previously rented the Property through Le Collectionist. Any breach of this clause shall require the Principal to pay to Le Collectionist compensation in an amount equal to triple the commission that would have been generated by the rental under the mandate if the property had been rented through Le Collectionist.
Notify Le Collectionist as soon as possible when the Property is put up for sale. 
In the case of a sales mandate concluded with Le Collectionist, if the Property is sold to a tenant introduced by Le Collectionist during the term of the present agreement or within twelve months following its termination, le Collectionist shall be entitled to a commission equal to the amount defined in the previously signed sales mandate, payable by the Principal to Le Collectionist upon the execution of the written agreement between the seller and the buyer in accordance with Article 6 of Law No. 70-9 of January 2, 1970. To avoid any difficulty, it is specified that this commission shall be due even in the case of indirect acquisition or acquisition by an intermediary person of the Property subject to the Mandate by the tenant (e.g., acquisition by a company in which the tenant is a partner or has an interest, acquisition by a family member of the tenant, etc.)

The Principal, whose Property is located in France, also agrees to comply with the following obligations:

(i) Obtain all the necessary permits and file all the declarations required for authorizing seasonal rentals at the Property, especially the prior reporting to the City Hall of the city where the Property is located in accordance with Articles L. 324-1-1 and D. 324-1-1 of the French Tourism Code.

(iii) Submitting the following items to Le Collectionist as soon as possible: (i) a declaration on honor confirming compliance with their obligations to report in advance, stating whether or not the Property is their primary residence within the meaning of Article 2 of Law no. 89-462 of July 6, 1989; (ii) when required, the declaration number issued by the local authorities (commune) pursuant to Article L. 324-1-1, paragraph II° of the French Tourism Code.


Article 5 – Liability

The Principal shall assume full liability for the rental, especially for the Property being completely consistent with what is indicated on the Information Sheet and on the house description shown on the Website.

If the Principal does not make the property available to the Lessee in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, the Lessee shall be entitled to claim a refund of all or part of the Rent, taking into account the seriousness of the breach, as well as, where applicable, compensation for any loss caused by the breach. Le Collectionist declines all liability in this regard, especially with regard to any acts, actions, behaviors, culpable nonfeasance, or negligence committed by the Principal.

Le Collectionist shall not under any circumstances be deemed to be the Property custodian and shall not be liable in the event of theft in or damage to the rented Property by the Lessee or third parties during the Lessee's stay.


Article 6 – Confirming Reservation Requests – Signing the Rental Agreement

6.1 Confirming Reservation Requests

In accordance with Le Collectionist's General Reservation Conditions, guests interested in reserving the Property will be put in contact with a Customer Advisor from Le Collectionist's team (hereinafter the "Customer Advisor") in order to confirm availability and the current rate for the desired dates.

Once the Customer Advisor has been put in contact with the guest, they will send an email to the Principal (i) informing them of the guest's reservation request and (ii) allowing them to accept or reject the reservation request in writing for the dates requested.

The Principal is then invited to read, date, and sign the special rental conditions sent by Le Collectionist's Customer Advisor who is in charge of the rental and re-read the Information Sheet.

The Principal is then requested to specify via email any changes to the Property that may have occurred since entering into this Proxy or the last update of the Information Sheet that may affect the guest's reservation request.

The Principal shall have twenty-four (24) hours from receiving the email from Le Collectionist to:

Accept or reject the reservation request in writing and, if necessary, make the aforementioned changes.
Inform Le Collectionist that the Property has already been rented on the dates requested in the rental proposal.
All requests by the Lessee to change the reservation shall be forwarded to the Principal for approval by Le Collectionist.

The Principal may view this information at any time via their owner account.


6.2 Signing the Rental Agreement

Once the guest's rental request has been accepted by the Principal, Le Collectionist will draw up the rental agreement based on the reservation request.

If the Principal has made changes to the rental conditions, Le Collectionist will mention them in the section entitled "Owner's Special Conditions" of the rental agreement.

On the same day the guest's reservation request is confirmed, Le Collectionist will email the rental agreement to the Principal who must return it dated and signed to Le Collectionist within twenty-four (24) hours.

Le Collectionist shall have three (3) business days from receiving the signed rental agreement to:

Have the Lessee sign and date the rental agreement.
Collect the deposit (and all of the Rent, if necessary) so that the Lessee can definitively confirm their reservation request for the Property.
The Principal agrees not to rent the Property to another lessee from the time the signed rental agreement has been returned and until three (3) business days have elapsed after Le Collectionist has received the agreement signed by the Principal.

At the end of this period, the Principal may decide to rent the Property to another guest (whose identity they agree to communicate to Le Collectionist upon request) only if the following two conditions are met:

The guest has not paid,
and The Principal has not received a written request from Le Collectionist to extend the deadline before this period has elapsed. This extension may not exceed another three (3) business days.
If the Principal decides to rent the Property to another lessee before the initial time period or any extension by Le Collectionist expires, they must compensate the guest and, if applicable, Le Collectionist for any loss incurred. The amount of compensation due to the Guest and Le Collectionist, if applicable, shall not be less than 20% of the total price of the stay.


Article 7 – Canceling Reservations

7.1 Cancellation by the Guest

If the Lessee cancels their reservation, the amounts paid at the time of the reservation will not be refunded to them. They will also be liable for the cost of the additional services already paid to Le Collectionist for organizing their stay.

Nevertheless, if the Principal succeeds in finding another Lessee for the agreed dates, the Principal may waive payment of the full rent for commercial reasons. In any event, the deposit received by the Principal will not be refunded to the Lessee if the Lessee cancels.


7.2 Cancellation by the Principal

If the Principal decides to cancel the reservation, the Lessee will be refunded the amount paid as a deposit before the check-in date, within three (3) business days.

The Principal shall also, within the same period, pay the Lessee compensation equal to a percentage of the Rent. This amount is calculated as follows:

The commission percentage on the total amount of the rental defined in the mandate or alternatively the current minimum fixed amount if the commission percentage defined therein was lower.
The Principal will also be liable for compensating the Lessee for any damages suffered as a result of this cancellation pursuant to ordinary law.
The Principal shall only be able to be released from their obligations to compensate by providing proof of the occurrence of a force majeure event (acts or events such as foreign or civil war, terrorism, sabotage, riots, strikes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, fires or more generally any other natural disaster, nuclear, bacteriological, chemical or industrial accidents, epidemics or pandemics, decisions by a government authority restricting movements or rental of the property, total or partial destruction of the property after signing the rental agreement) that prevented it from making the property, reserved by the Lessee available to them, Totally or partially and/or if the current stay were to be interrupted. In only this case of force majeure, the Principal must nevertheless offer the guest a new rental, with equivalent costs, terms and conditions, for a stay that can take place within 18 months from the cancellation date, and the amounts already paid by the guest will be applied to the price of the new rental. If the Guest does not accept a new rental or a rescheduling of the stay dates within a period of 18 months from the date of cancellation, the Principal must immediately refund all amounts already paid by the Guest (deposit and/or rent), and shall contact his insurance company to follow up on the possible refund of the sums refunded.

Article 8 – Initial and Final Inventory

The Principal agrees to:

Hand over the keys to the Lessee.
Draw up the initial inventory.
Draw up the final inventory.
In the destinations operated by local representatives, The Principal may delegate these tasks to Le Collectionist who will then carry them out on the Principal's behalf.

The initial inventory and final inventory must be signed by the Principal or one of its representatives or by Le Collectionist on its behalf, and by the Lessee and each shall be given one (1) copy.

A copy of the initial inventory and final inventory of the furniture will then be sent to the Lessee via email. If Le Collectionist signed the initial and final inventories on the Principal's behalf and at their express request, a copy will be sent to them via email.


Article 9 – Security Deposit

Le Collectionist will collect a security deposit which is intended to cover any damage and/or deterioration caused by the Lessee to the Property, furniture, items inside it, and the loss keys or objects.

The amount of the security deposit is determined by the Principal.

The amount of the security deposit may be adjusted if the exchange rate between the currency used in the country of the rented Property and the transaction currency used for the rental agreement fluctuates upwards or downwards by more than ten percent (10%).

The Lessee must pay the security deposit to Le Collectionist no later than fifteen (15) days before the check-in date.

Le Collectionist shall hold the security deposit for the Principal for the duration of the seasonal rental agreement and shall return it to the Lessee after drawing up a final inventory that matches the initial inventory.

If there is no damage to the rented property, Le Collectionist shall refund the security deposit in full to the Lessee no later than fifteen (15) days after they have returned the keys.

In the event that a final inventory is not drawn up, Le Collectionist shall return the security deposit to the Lessee within fifteen (15) days of the keys being returned by the Lessee if no claim has been made by the Principal under the penalty of being declared void within seventy-two (72) hours of the Lessee’s departure.

If the Principal finds any damage, they must notify Le Collectionist within seventy-two (72) hours of returning the keys pursuant to Article 8 and will have fifteen (15) days from that date to email Le Collectionist with the extent of the damages and the exact amount that may be deducted from the security deposit. This report must be accompanied by supporting receipts.


Article 10 – Financial Guarantee – Professional Civil Liability – Bank Account

Le Collectionist has a financial guarantee amounting to €5.580.000,  issued by Galian, located at 89 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France and an insurance policy covering the financial consequences of its professional civil liability.

Payments made pursuant to this Proxy shall be made to a specific bank account belonging to Le Collectionist, account number 30066 10913 00020338804 89 at CIC bank located at 42 rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris, France.


Article 11 – Reporting

In accordance with Article 66, paragraph 1, of Decree no. 72-678 of July 20, 1972, Le Collectionist shall report on its management to the Principal at least once (1) per year, between the months of January and May of each year for the previous calendar year.

Le Collectionist will send a detailed statement to the Principal regarding the amounts collected and paid on their behalf, as well as their fees.

Le Collectionist will notify the Principal of the payments made for the seasonal rental at the time of reporting.

The Principal releases Le Collectionist from the obligation of sending the written statement provided for in Article 67 of Decree no. 72-678 of July 20, 1972 by registered letter for payments or discounts relating to new rentals which Le Collectionist will report on as part of the general reporting process.

Le Collectionist shall receive a percentage of the rent amount (inclusive of VAT) collected as a fee for its services as stipulated in the mandate. The rate of these fees shall be specified in the mandate agreement executed between Le Collectionist and the Principal.


Article 12 – Right to Withdraw from the Proxy

When (i) the Proxy is entered into at a distance, off-site, or as a result of telephone solicitation and (ii) the Principal is not acting in the context of their business activities, they shall be entitled to a legal time limit to withdraw from the Proxy, in accordance with the provisions of Articles L. 221-18 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, by means of an unequivocal notification or by using the withdrawal form in Appendix 2.

In accordance with Article L. 221-19 of the French Consumer Code, the right to withdraw may be exercised by the Principal within fourteen (14) days from the day after this Proxy was entered into.

In accordance with Article L. 221-3 of the French Consumer Code, the provisions of this Article are also applicable to the Principal who is a professional and (i) has entered into this Proxy independently of their main professional activity and (ii) employs no more than five (5) employees.

The right to withdraw provided for in this Article may only be exercised by the Principal for entering into this Proxy.

In accordance with Article L. 221-28, paragraph 12° of the French Consumer Code, the Principal acknowledges and accepts that it will have no right to withdraw from the rental agreements subsequently entered into pursuant to this Proxy.

In addition, pursuant to Article L. 221-28, paragraph 1° of the French Consumer Code, the Principal will not have a right to withdraw from the Proxy if a rental agreement is entered into before the end of the aforementioned withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days. In this case, the Principal will be asked to expressly confirm that they waive their right to withdraw.


Article 13 – Jurisdiction

This Proxy shall be exclusively governed by French law and the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


Article 13.1 – Principal Residing in France

13.1.1. Principal that is a natural person (consumer)

In the event of a dispute between Le Collectionist and the Consumer Guest, the Consumer Guest may contact Customer Service:

By email: contact@lecollectionist.com
By mail: Le Collectionist, 65 rue de la Victoire  – 75009 Paris, France.
If the dispute is not amicably settled, the Consumer Guest may request a consumer mediator help resolve the dispute free of charge, within one year of the written complaint to Le Collectionist.

The request to the Consumer Mediator must be made:

either by completing the form provided for this purpose on the AME CONSO website: www.mediationconso-ame.com.
or by mail sent to AME CONSO, 11 Place Dauphine, 75001 Paris, France.
The Guest must inform Le Collectionist of this action immediately. The Guest and Le Collectionist shall be free to accept or reject the proposed solution and, if necessary, submit the matter to the competent courts.

In addition, the European Commission has set up an online dispute resolution platform which the Guest can access at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

13.1.2. Principal that is a legal entity (professional)

The Principal (a legal entity acting in a professional capacity) and Le Collectionist shall make every effort to settle any dispute amicably. If the dispute is not resolved amicably within one (1) month, either Party may refer the dispute to the Commercial Court of Paris to which the Parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction.


Article 13.2 – Principal Residing Outside France

If the Principal resides outside France, the Parties agree to submit any dispute relating to the conclusion, performance, interpretation, or termination of this Proxy to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Paris, France.