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At Villa Liamone, you'll feel like you're standing on top of the world. Whether you're in its infinity pool or snuggling by the fire, you'll enjoy the breathtaking view over the scrubland and the Gulf of Santa Giulia

Key features


Sea view


Outdoor swimming pool


Golf course within driving distance

Area & Experiences

Located 7 kilometers south of Porto-Vecchio, on the road that leads to The Mouth of Bonifacio, the Gulf of Santa Giulia is worthy of a Caribbean Beach. Pale sands, turquoise water, and granite red rocks: you would think it is a Paradise Island. Perched at the peak of the hill, a stone’s throw from the beach, La Villa Liamone feels like it’s floating above the treetops. From the wooden deck to the infinity pool, it’s like being suspended over the wild brush of the Corsican wilderness.

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Our nearby experiences

Beautiful knives

At the Ceccaldi forge, blades are reddening in the flames. Others are being struck with great hammer blows, bent, struck again. They will become magnificent Damascus blades. In the workshops next-door, handles are being crafted from olive wood or horn. All the complexities of making these knives, true works of art, are unveiled.

A cappella at home

As the singers’ voices fill the house, nothing else matters, not time, nor the surroundings. The polyphonic Corsican songs (“A pulifunia Corsa”) are captivating in their power and beauty. Songs sung long ago in remote valleys by shepherds, in your home, brought to you by singers and musicians, passionate about the culture of their island.

Dishes with character

As a starter, Nicole serves copa and lonzu, the two staples of Corsican charcuterie. “Home-made”, she says simply, nodding towards her husband Paul. Tonight, at their isolated farm near the Bavella mountains, brocciu cannelloni and lemon fiadone are on the menu, all helped down with a good Corsican wine and short stories told by the couple, Corsican, always and forever. A delight.

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Living Room

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Bedroom 1

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Bedroom 2

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Bathroom 2

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Bedroom 3

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Bathroom 3

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Bedroom 4

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Bathroom 4

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Swimming pool

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Outdoor features

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Villa Liamone

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