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On its shore, nestled between rocks and dry shrubs, Villa Amantik contemplates the endless waves, peaceful and mirror-like, overlooked from a far by ancient snowy peaks. Only two terraces separate the residence from the soundless mystical panoramas that stretch out all around.

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Beach within walking distance


No neighbors

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According to an Indian legend, it was here that the first Incan appeared, emerging from a lake whose outsized dimensions make it resemble a freshwater ocean.

A sacred site that crosses Bolivia and Peru, a magical landscape overflowing with mystery, perched on the rooftops of the South American continent. Lake Titicaca, an untouched marvel, was said to have given birth to an age-old population that today, scattered on its banks, raises lamas, grows quinoa, and perpetuates ancient rites. Men fish and carry out trade from traditional boats, travelling from island to island. One of these, Amantani, well-known for its Cantua buxifolia plants, holds only 3000 inhabitants, and occupies the Peruvian part of the lake.

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  • tag Nature view
  • tag No neighbors
  • tag Out of town


  • tag Beach within walking distance

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Villa Amantik


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