tag 6 Guests
tag 3 Bedrooms
tag 2 Bathrooms
tag Floor area 150 sqm

Half-way between artsy modernity and traditional charm, Appartement Cacilda offers a plunge into the warm and friendly ambience of Lisbon. A cosy nest to rest in after a day spent pacing the steep streets of the white city

Key features


Bluetooth sound system




Restaurants and bars within walking distance



Area & Experiences

As the day breaks the paved streets of Lisbon awaken. The terraces of the cafes are filling up; the sweet smell of Pasteis de Nata spreads out from the pastry shops. Hurry to catch the iconic yellow tramway on line 28, which runs along the Tagus River and up through the hills via Rua do Alecrim. It is in this steep street, where mansions and 18th-century houses line up, that you find Appartement Cacilda.

tag Downtown

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Lisbon’s legacy through its workshops

For three hours on a customized private tour, our guide will lead you to spots around the city that feel untouched by time. The journey winds through preserved neighborhoods, the ateliers of longtime artisans who are masters of their craft, architectural marvels and secret spots that aren’t featured in any guidebook, even in the touristic Alfama neighborhood.

Mosaic-making with a local artist

Over the course of two days, you’ll spend three and a half hours with Eileen, an American transplant whose mosaic works have been exhibited on two continents. She’ll show you around the workshop, introduce you to other craftspeople and guide you through making your own mosaic. After the glue sets, you’ll return the following day to grout and clean up the piece, leaving you with an intensely personal souvenir.

Cooking Atypical Portuguese Cuisine

Meet Ricardo, a former chef and culinary critic, in his apartment in the heart of the city. There, he’ll give you an introduction to some of the less common delicacies that are eaten in Portugal. Then you’ll head out together for a private tour of the market to pick the best ingredients, then return for hands-on instruction in preparing dishes that go far beyond “bacalhau” and “caldo verde”. Begin the meal with nibbles of robust São Jorge cheese, pair it with wines produced within a few kilometers, and conclude it with 50-year-old Port. Be sure to get his restaurant recommendations too.

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  • tag Downtown


  • tag Restaurants and bars within walking distance


  • tag Apartment

Guest information

  • tag Not suitable for the disabled

Internet connection

  • tag WiFi


  • tag Bluetooth sound system

Living room

  • tag TV

Bedroom 1

  • tag Double bed

Bedroom 1 bathroom

  • tag Single sink
  • tag Shower

Bedroom 2

  • tag Double (linked) bed

Bedrooms 2 & 3 bathroom

  • tag Toilet
  • tag Bathtub

Bedroom 3

  • tag Double (linked) bed

Appartement Cacilda


From €530 to €720 / night

* Prices to be confirmed with our customer advisors

* Taxes and fees not included

Contact us at: +33 1 73 03 02 02