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Our house selection

Our house selection

Our local teams travel the globe to enrich our collection of houses and to open new doors all over the world. For every house in our collection, our criteria of excellence are matched by a feeling of love at first sight.

The “love-at-first-sight” rule

We have no limits or preconceived notions in our quest for the exceptional all over the world. Art Deco villas, elegant trappers' cottages, venerable old chateaux, buccaneers' manors, cabins in the trees, classified palaces, our collection ranges through all styles and periods. There is only one rule: a feeling of love at first sight for outstanding and welcoming houses made for large gatherings and moments of happiness.
150 destinations
1000 houses
Villa with clouds in background

An outstanding location

Our houses are profoundly anchored in a local environment, intimately linked to legendary and lesser-known destinations. They plunge you into the soul and culture of a destination. We choose them in the most beautiful locations that embody all the magic of a region.
Post-modern wood interior

A beautiful soul

In every one of our houses, you are plunged into a harmonious and welcoming world, the smallest details of which are designed to make you feel at home. Works of art, precious materials, furniture steeped in history, tailor-made fireplaces and extraordinary gardens. Our houses are a testament to our owners’ desire to amaze you and to share with you their love of beauty, art and local artisan work.
No neighbors
Vegetable garden
Tennis court
Private beach

The flavour of holidays

Our houses plunge you into a joyous and privileged holiday atmosphere. All amenities are designed to cultivate carefree moments of relaxation and sharing with your near and dear ones. A large table for family meals, a game room for the children, a kitchen garden where you can select the ingredients for the evening meal, a rooftop to watch the sunset as you enjoy a drink.
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Poolside lounge

Only 3% of the houses we evaluate join our collection

An unparalleled standard of quality

In addition to being a case of love at first sight, we make sure your house is of irreproachable quality and perfectly suited to the people you bring with you.

An uncompromising selection

We visit each and every house and evaluate it with our criteria of excellence before adding it to our collection. From the comfort of the beds to the number of bathrooms, we ensure that every one of our houses is perfectly equipped to welcome your family or group of friends.

In-depth knowledge

During our visit we note every detail of our houses – layout and equipment, child safety, strong points and weak points – to guide your search with perfect transparency.