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Pause in the heart of Saint Martin de Belleville

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Pause in the heart of Saint Martin de Belleville

In the deep valley of Savoie, at the foot of the Trois Vallées ski region, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville seems suspended in time with its old farms and alpine chalets in stone, wood and lauze stone roofs. Come in for a small visit…

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Mr Hetior shares his story in Courchevel

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I have just came back from my trip in Courchevel and it was a one time experience that we will never forget.

After several exceptional rentals with, this year we wanted intense emotions, wild nature, exceptional food, serenity and music.

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Maison Théodor or the art of tea


*The perpetuation of a tradition *

In 2002, a song writer decides to describe the complex universe of different tea flavors. As he was writing, he drunk the golden beverage and discovered he had a gift, the gift of perfect taste. So, the delicate and captivating flavors of this drink would prompt Guillaume Leleu to create a Maison de créateur. In order to honor the past, he decides to write a new story by offering the company a contemporary spelling: the Maison Théodor.

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Maison Dubernet: the taste of tradition

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Origin: Landes - France

Since 1864, in the south of Landes, an artisanal charcuterie is the pride of a small village, Saint-Sever, traditionally known for its foie gras. Michel Dubernet, loving the authentic cooking of his Basque grand-mother, decides to develop this family skill and creates the Maison Dubernet. As time goes by, the affair becomes one of the oldest independent House of foie gras of the South-west region, it grows even more with the opening of more than a dozen boutiques in France.


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The L’OR DE L’ORCHIDEE range, a family’s heritage


In the beginning, a legend

On the lofty plains of the French Savoie region, a shepherd, deeply in love with Venus, once surprised the goddess of love and beauty. In her hasty flight, she left behind a tiny golden slipper. Just when the shepherd was tempted to grab hold of the precious slipper, it vanished. In its place, a graceful, delicately perfumed flower sprouted: the “lady’s slipper orchid”. This orchid, now a symbol of Beauty, is exceptional in that it only blooms once every five years, following a long symbiosis with another plant. Fragile due to its rarity, it is no less a lover of extreme conditions, having learned to flourish in difficult conditions. This is the uniqueness on which Exertier products are based.

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