Our team

We love travel. Each one of us has a different style, from lost cabin to small island to big city. We all share a passion for new discoveries and human interactions. We follow those who know each destination best; locals who make those very spots come to life.

We are always curious, seeking new adventures. We enjoy sharing this passion with our clients. We listen to your wishes before recommending the corresponding destination, the house that will make you dream, and the matchless experiences that will leave you in awe.

Adventurers, globe-trotters, travelers, and wanderers, never tourists or spectators. Le Collectionist’s team is reinventing traveling.

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Olivier Cahané
Co-Founder & CEO
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Max Aniort
Co-Founder & Executive Director
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Eliott Cohen-skalli
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
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Benjamin Guigui
Head of Business Development
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Helene Rousset
Content Manager
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Vincent Abraham
Webmarketing Manager
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Diane Johnston-roussillon
Head of Supply
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Xavier Pitois
Head of Client Experience
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Clara Thiriet
Client Experience Manager
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Leah Bouhana
Client Experience Manager
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Camille Blanchetier
Chief Customer Officer
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Julia Siari
Head of Customer Advisors
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Bastien Vienne
Customer Advisor
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Alexandre Mercier
Customer Advisor
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Patience Guisset
Customer Advisor
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Jacopo Tronzano
Customer Advisor
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Fatoumata Diallo
Customer Advisor
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Elizabeth Sankey
Director of Product Management
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Vincent Trusgnac'h
Chief Technology Officer
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Simon Courtois
Tech Lead
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Lionel Charbonnier
Senior Developer
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Jean-baptiste Kerbrat
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Romain Da cunha
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Margaux Junisson
Office Manager
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Morgane Harscoat
Assistant Product Owner
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Massilia Boutrif

Want to join the journey?

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