Our experiences

We believe that experience makes travel. It can be simple or extraordinary, and require months of planning or a single phone call

We tailor these experiences to your needs. We have met thousands of people, visited hundreds of locations and tested dozens of local specialities in order to imagine and craft these stellar experiences.

Set out to conquer Megeve’s mountains with a passionate musher, push open the doors of a Greek temple at dusk, learn to cook fresh pasta with a Tuscan chef, surf on the Basque coast with a champion... We have designed hundreds of ways for you to experience the true spirit of your destination.

We also offer bespoke experiences, built entirely for you. We source from your list of passions and desires, from the simplest to the most extraordinary.

Travel! Discover, taste, visit, and enjoy.

Train as a musher in Megeve

Take strides in Megeve’s Mont Villard area alongside Bruno and his sled dogs. Let yourself be guided, then get familiar with the needed vernacular to lead your huskies at the front of the line.

Harvest your own salt in the heart of the Salines in Ibiza

Head off to harvest your salt in the heart of Sant Jordi de ses Salines, guided by an expert salt collector. Your guide will share the incredible story of this natural park, an emblematic spot that is notably featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Seize the opportunity to observe the diverse ecosystem, including over 200 types of birds and plants.

Make (and savor) your own caviar in Aquitaine

Learn about sturgeon rearing in Aquitaine in the capable hands of Jean, a connoisseur of rare fish. Traverse the basins to hunt your fish. Select, sift, salt, before delighting in your entirely personalized caviar.

Cook fresh pasta with a Tuscan chef

Push open the doors to Edda’s kitchen in order to discover the art of traditional fresh Italian pasta making. Following her advice, whisk, roll, and cook. You will be able to boast your expertise in cooking veritable “pinci” della mamma.

Embark on a treasure hunt in Saint-Tropez with your children

During a day off, let your children go on adventure on top of a pirate ship. Between land and sea, they will follow clues in the hopes of discovering a hidden treasure. From sunken hiding spots to secret creeks, the coast becomes a gigantic playing field!

Visit ancient marble quarries with a sculptor in Paros

The quarries in the underbelly of Paros provided the marble for the greatest classic statues of all time. Illuminated by oil lamps, delve underground in the company of a professional sculptor. Experience the quarries like you would a palace brimming with statues from ancient times.