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Experience apartments in Tel Aviv

Tranquil havens in the heart of this bustling city, our luxury apartments in Tel Aviv all enjoy a contemporary decor in keeping with the city’s style: designer houses where large bay windows give way onto intimate courtyards, loft spaces with rooftop terraces, and top-floor apartments with dazzling views of the sea. Close to the city centre, our apartments in Tel Aviv are just a short walk from the trendiest areas and the unmissable cultural sites, two sides of the city and two ways to discover its soul.

Exploring Tel Aviv

Explore at your own pace one of the most dynamic destinations in the Mediterranean basin, thanks to our apartments rentals in Tel Aviv. In this city that exudes contemporary charm, you’ll instantly be won over by the festive atmosphere of the main streets lined with palm trees and hip bars. But in the steep alleys of Jaffa’s old quarter, far from the buzz of Rothschild Boulevard or Shabazi Street, you’ll find yourself simply losing track of time. In these hidden areas that have been shielded from modernity, you can head through the doors of a rustic restaurant to taste traditional vine leaves. Afternoons are bathed in a pleasant heat and pass slowly either on the beach or exploring the creative spirit of the city: Tel Aviv has become a mecca for street art and fashion stylists have taken over and completely rejuvenated the Gan Hahashmal neighbourhood.

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