A spirit of lightness

A trustworthy brand

We created Le Collectionist because we found available travel options rigid and rental home offers too undependable. Like you, we were always asking ourselves the same questions right before renting a home: will it match the photos on display, where is it located, does the house even exist?

We didn’t want to have to choose between the intimacy a private home would provide and the services that come with a more classic option. We therefore offer a concierge service with each home rental.

Each of our homes is inspected by our on-site teams. This allows us to uphold our criteria for quality and answer any questions you may have regarding the property. The house is also checked over right before your arrival and arranged to your liking.

As travel experts, we have built a network of trustworthy partners to review your home and organize your experience. To be even closer to you, we are developing our local roots by opening offices in each one of our main destinations.

You are and always will be our first ambassadors, and we sincerely thank you for your trust.

Traveling freely

We want to place the spirit of freedom and discovery at the heart of your trip. We create each travel experience by tailoring it to your needs, focusing on every detail with you.

Our goal is to make your trip outstanding and resemble none other.

The beauty and difficulty of a private home collection stems from the fact that each home is unique. This is why our team of advisors will assist you in the quest for your ideal destination and home.

Our Experience team develops your trip with you in a detailed manner. They personalize your home based on your expectations, organise your services, create tailored experiences, and share their favorite local spots with you.

Our goal is to make your trip outstanding and resemble none other.