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If you close your eyes and picture yourself in a land made of apple orchards, rolling green landscapes and dramatic seaside cliffs, where people live in majestic houses of character, enjoying fresh sea food or traditional cheese crepes and apple cider for lunch, you are in the northwest region of France called Normandy. A place to visit during almost any time of the year from beaches to countryside, with temperate weather and a world renowned lifestyle.

If you experience a slightly different cultural feel than other parts of France, it is because Normandy is also a place of history. It is from the Normandy beaches that William the Conqueror sailed to conquer England in 1066 and was crowned King of England the same year. Throughout the Hundred Years’ War (1337–1453) the region seesawed between French and English rule. Normandy was under English domination for some 30 years until France gained permanent control in 1450. In more recent times, Normandy had been the scene of decisive battle campaigns that led to the liberation of Nazi-occupied Europe. On June 6, 1944 – better known as D-Day – some 45 000 Allied troops landed on Normandy beaches, heralding the beginning of the Battle of Normandy.

Finally, if you’re thinking of an inspiring destination with beautiful escapes for your next vacation, today nipping off to the Normandy coast has never been so tempting. The town of Deauville remains one of the most beautiful coastal resorts in all of France. A golf game in nearby Honfleur, a “sole meunière” at Le Bar de la Mer, a little afternoon stroll on the boardwalk (les planches) and on nights, the famous Deauville Casino… part of the charms of Normandy.

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