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Professional masseuse for years, my name is Amy, and this is my advice for one of the most appreciated massage of the ski resorts: the deep tissue massage.

Fifty minutes of total relaxation. In a fantastic place, the luxurious massage room of the chalet The Lodge, the atmosphere favours decompression and relaxation. Forget about the sweet craziness of a ski trip: soft and cozy cushions, specific mattress, soft music, filtered light and warm essential oil, lean back and let me pamper you!

Created by the Swedish Per Henrik Ling, the deep tissue massage's goal is to relieve big tensions which stagnate in the muscles and fascias and to ease chronic pains. If you practise a regular physical activity or if you've a fast-paced life, the massage is made for you and will provide you a better quality of life. This is why slow and deep manipulations are needed to reach moments of release.

To perfect these moments, the use of essential oils with citrus flavours is vital: little sunny oriental touches in one of the most luxurious chalet in Verbier which have the particularity to calm down the body and the mind. Grapefruit essential oil will relax you, especially the muscles, whereas petitgrain mandarin essential oil will calm your mind... A true relaxing moment which recharge the batteries and offer a deep state of well-being.

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