Our story

Le Collectionist was born out of a desire to travel differently; far from stagnant trips filled with standardized places and played out experiences. A new way to travel -- free and authentic, in private homes.

Traveling, to us, means being surrounded by our loved ones. It means taking the time to experience every moment to the fullest extent, without constraint, exactly how we want to. It means inventing each time a new travel experience.

We want to go off the beaten path and discover destinations in a new light, immersing ourselves in local customs and cadences. We aim to explore each destination through locals' points of view, and infuse our experiences with their perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to always feel at home while designing a new way to travel.

This is why we have started our collection and have allowed it to grow over time. It is a collection of places, homes, experiences, destinations, and happenstance encounters. It is a collection from which we create your unique and authentic voyage.