A collection of exquisite places

The search for exceptional places is like a treasure hunt. Each residence is carefully chosen; it must not simply meet a series of criteria, but be esthetically pleasing, and attractive by its location, its history: it is a genuine encounter with a place and its owner.

Each property is thus unique. The reasons are manifold, often different and sometimes imbricated: the endeavor of several generations to preserve a place, a lifetime achievement to build a bold project, a singular, dreamlike location.

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Luxury villa rental with LeCollectionist

Mythical destinations

We only select beautiful and inspiring places around the world where inspiring and fascinating people have created a unique amosphere.

They are destinations that echoes in the collective mind as many myths. Some “it places” renowned for their capacity to combine authentic charm and international radiance.

Luxury villa rental with LeCollectionist
Luxury villa rental with LeCollectionist

A private hotel-like service

No matter what property has seduced you, what location you have chosen or the period of your stay, should you be with your friends or family, the quality of the service remains the same. With staff trained in the most exclusive Parisian hotels and palaces, we are keen to setting up true hotel services based on partnerships with prestigious brands.

However, with each Collectionist being unique, and in order to satisfy every single desire, we assign a private concierge at your disposal. Our service is, therefore, a fine balance between the promise of high quality standing for each of your stays and a personalized service for a unique moment, your own moment.

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Luxury villa rental with LeCollectionist

A state of mind

“Le Collectionist is a character in its own. An admirer of remarkable places, rare belongings and unique sensations. He is an esthete constantly searching for eternal Beauty.

Travel is a fundamental aspect of his personality, as a primary source of experiences and self-enrichment. He naturally takes ownership of every new place with an elegant and charming casualness.

A man of encounters, he seduces and fascinates with his charisma inspired from his universe that is a junction between his dandy, somehow provocative, demeanor, and his poetic gentleman nature. “

Luxury villa rental with LeCollectionist
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