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A far cry from the “musical myth” that Ibiza often represents, the island shows an entirely different face thanks to a wealth of preciously preserved nature, imposing landscapes and outstanding historical sites.

Le Collectionist has been seduced by this island of the Balearic archipelago which offers landscapes of incredible beauty and several protected natural areas. The Mediterranean Basin, best known for its deep blue water, is home to the Posidonia meadows, an endemic plant species native to this area that supports a highly diverse community. Therefore, many beaches let the most die-hard scuba divers devote themselves to under-water photography. The bay of “Cala Xarraca” along with “Pou d’Es Lleo”, among others, has an extraordinary marine wildlife. Under a bright sunlight, the inland areas of red sandy soil are endowed with a sometimes dry and sometimes lush flora, where many small villages with white houses nestle.


In southeast Ibiza, a location kept secret until now will be revealed to those who dare to venture into a path marked with symbolic carvings and paintings. “Sa pedrera”, also known as Atlantis or “secret beach” used to be the holiday place of hippies. The area has been immortalized by Barbet Schroeder’s movie “More” which impresses through its various natural treasures; just like the stone nave solidifying into rock and that seems to have been subjected to the curse from a malicious fairy. Natural swimming pools carved into the rock, crystal clear waters, and a sea bed of unequalled richness: this rock cliff shrouded in mystery never fails to amaze.


Eventually, history lovers will be thrilled by the wealth of sites dating from the Carthaginian, Roman and Arabic periods scattered throughout the island and which have attracted worldwide artists. In this way, the Ibiza highland town of “Alta Vila” and its fifteenth century fortifications reflect the influence the island once exercised on the Mediterranean region and on the building of the New World cities. Ibiza’s status as a UNESCO world heritage site stems from Ibiza’s unparalleled “biodiversity and culture”.

For Collectionnists who enjoy the contrast between authenticity, nature and hedonist activities, Ibiza provides a unique opportunity of uniting these different worlds.


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‘On a bossa nova’s rythm, such as a muffled murmur coming from nowhere, I see an old transistor radio playing softly an airy voice and familiar complicated melodies. A light breeze on my face seems to relieve from the mesmeric heath, just for a second. When opening my eyes, the scenery is exactly as I imagined : a mix between ancestral history, sweet modernity and a moderato cantabile’s lifestyle...’


The old fishing village located at around 150 kilometers from Rio, Buzios peninsula has become an in-vogue seaside resort, where local tradition and bohemian life are perfectly mixed. Called the Brazilian Saint-Tropez since the Brigitte Bardot’s short break in the 60’s, the marvelous peninsula became a popular place for privileged travelers, with its about twenty heavenly beaches, such as Ferradura and Tartaruga.

After some tasteful shopping in the Osklen boutique and an enjoyable stroll along the cobbled « Rua das Pedras », it's time to watch the sunset behind the turquoise ocean. For romantic Collectionists, the most impressive sunset can be admired on Orla Bardot where you can find the iconic same-name actress’ honorary statue, designed by Christina Motta.


This exotic escape continues with the Rocka Beach restaurant, a connoisseurs’ address where you will taste the home-made ceviche that will please delicate taste buds. Later, the most hedonist Collectionists will stride along the cobbled streets for a night walk to the town’s different nightclubs. Brazilian joys, bohemian luxury and exhilarating music, all is gathered to feel the well-being and liberty’s wind blithely blowing on Armaçao dos Buzios and our epicurean souls.


Our crush: visit one of the most beautiful Brazilian beaches: Arraial do Cabo, just a 30 minute drive from Buzios.

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1. Bond in Motion

Collectionists who will visit London before the end of the year, will go without hesitation to the London Film Museum to discover the mythical James Bond’s vehicles, such as the loyal Aston Martin DB5, or the marvelous Rolls-Royce Phantom III that was in the 3rd release of the 007’s series: Goldfinger.

- Bond In Motion, London Film Museum, until December 31, 2014.


2. David Bowie Is

Whether you are a fan or not, David Bowie is one of the biggest stars of all times, and the « David Bowie Is » exhibition illustrates for the first time the British artist’s impressive career. Clothing, songs, photos and thoughts, more of 300 items are gathered in the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago. A colorful electric exhibition that makes us want to listen again to his legendary songs, like ‘Space of Oddity’ or ‘Heroes’, co-written with Brian Eno.

- David Bowie Is, Museum of Contempory Art of Chicago, until January 4, 2015.


3. Killer Heels: the Art of the high-heeled shoe

At its first floor, the Brooklyn Museum of New York currently welcomes a great exhibition dedicated to the mythical heels, ‘Killer Heels’ exhibition is the opportunity to discover emblematic and original copies of famous collections, such as Chanel, Louboutin and Manolo Blanhik's mythical collections.

- Killer Heels, Brooklyn Museum, until February 15, 2015.


4. François Truffaut

30 years after is death, the French Cinematheque gives film lovers the chance to discover an interesting exhibition about François Truffaut, who was a major personality during the New Wave’s period. The talented filmmaker was notably rewarded in 1959 for best director at the Cannes Film Festival with his well-known movie: « The 400 blows », a story about his own adolescence.

- François Truffaut,the French Cinematheque, from October 8, 2014 to January 25, 2015.


5. Women Fashion Power

How women succeed to assert themselves thanks to their clothes ? This is a surprising exhibition about appearance’s importance. Princesses, top models, designers, CEOs or other powerful women have used fashion to attract attention and assert authority to be respected. A lot of these women, like Naomi Campbell, Zandra Rhodes or Princess Charlene of Monaco, have collaborated for this exhibition and it will take place at the London Design Museum.

- Women Fashion Power, London Design Museum, from October 29, 2014 to April 26, 2015.



Located in Southern Thailand, the famous Phang Nga bay spreads on more than 400 kilometers. This dreamlike bay majestically stretches along the Khao Phing Kan Island meaning « hills leaning against each other » in English.

Since The Man with the Golden Gun’s release, the place is nowadays called the James Bond’s island, by having been one of the most unforgettable film settings with the iconic Roger Moore, as an agent of his Majesty, and its fictional enemy Christopher Lee.


Its beauty comes initially from the nature that wisely sculpted over the years the 300 giant limestone cliffs covered by a lush greenery, like a life-size Impressionist painting that would melt the greens from vegetation to the cobalt blues from the ocean and the ceruleans of the sky.

Extraordinary landscape lovers absolutely have to see Ko Tapu, a natural place with a supernatural appearance close to a work of art, that seems to be in equilibrium on the water. img

Below some unreal caves hides. The sea has forged them for centuries, and are accessible only for a limited number of hours according to the tides’ flows.

Discoveries and priceless treasures come one after another all along the travel, bringing out the divine Indonesian fauna and flora. On Earth or under the sea, such as an open-air museum, they collect marvelous multicolored butterflyfishes or other exotic species that unfortunately tend to disappear. The future of this enchantress poetry depends on the Humans’ will that these natural sights still exist and offer elegant and cheering breaks, out of the deafening jungle.

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Land of inspiration, between lush forests, green rice fields and timeless steep ravines, Ubud is the Balinese city where arts are expressed and joyfully glorified following the pure Indonesian tradition.

In this cultural atmosphere, traditional arts are present for centuries in a variety of ways, each one more poetic and surprising than the other: from sculpture to painting through dances and religious feasts, all those sacred celebrations give rhythm to the inhabitants’ everyday life. The more refined aesthetes will appreciate the Legong’s beauty, an ancestral dance, a real ode to grace, made by Balinese young girls who realized a real poetic prowess, similar to ballet dancers.


However, this omnipresent artistic madness, mainly focused on religious believes, has known a revival since the early 20th Century. Indeed, Bali has become a welcoming land for many artists such as Walter Spies who took delight in illustrating these landscapes and share them to famous persons like Charlie Chaplin. This true cultural mix gave birth to new approaches and new topics in artistic processes.


In the living streets and sacred temples, we feel this aesthetic abundance and it illuminates the village - In Ubud, museums and art galleries come one after another along the Jalan Rayan Ubud. Le Collectionist strongly recommends to visit the famous Bali’s oldest museum, the Puri Lukisan to discover a large range of modern traditional works and local artists’ exhibitions, such as Pita Maha’s creations.

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Like a divine gift, Ubud, and other Balinese villages present unparalleled discoveries and treasures, necessary for an amazing travel experience. As Hippolyte Taine said, Bali is one of these places where « we travel to change, not to change of place, but ideas. ».

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