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The small plane is flying over idyllic islands, brushing past the Tourmente’s hill to finally land at the Gustave III Saint-Jean airport, on the 640-meter landing strip that finished in the cerulean waves. While getting off the plane, we can heard a clear « sa ou fé? » to welcome us, by the “saint-barths. Indeed, when Christophe Colomb arrived on the island in 1493, he decided to name it Saint-Barthelemy, in honor of his brother Bartholomé.


During an enjoyable day on this marvelous island, our Collectionist adventurer decides to take a winding steep road made of lush greenery where are maliciously hidden some green iguanas and earth lizards -also called Zanoli d’ter- with their azure spots on their skin. Once arrived on the « Governor’s beach », he treads upon the white sand and finally, decides to lay down under a sea grape tree bringing an enjoyable shade. Slightly dozing between dream and reality, he hears the far-off voice of Montbars the Exterminator, a famous privateer that is murmuring him the exact location of his hidden treasure. Would it be in this same-named cave situated on a hillside?


Under this intense sun, Le Collectionist plunges in the clear water full of corals and meets with the light and colorful-scaled fishes. As a real proof of a rich colorful life under the sea, these rockfishes teach us an aesthetic lesson: a perfect blend of different patterns and colors, a real source of inspiration for artists. Suddenly, a red-footed tortoise crosses his way, making circles in the water, while a myriad of boxfishes and marine angelfishes are sharing out plankton. Observing this endemic fauna, our aesthete finally understands why Saint-Barths decided to preserve & protect this exceptional environment.


The end of the day naturally takes place under a frangipani tree with some Creole delicacies, and Saint-Barths‘ specialties: stuffed crabs, fish puddings, cod cristophine, or lobster that our fine gourmet is savoring with pleasure while a kingfisher is flying away towards new adventures.

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Around 2 millions people are rushing along the Saint-Malo and Pointe du Grouin’s battlements. There is a palpable excitement, and conversations are flowing however all looks are resolutely turned to the open sea. More than 90 sailing boats of different types, monohull and multihull, are ready for the start, such as racehorses. The wind is strongly blowing to remind everybody that it is one of the race’s key element, an authoritarian decision-maker as well as an ally, to coax all along this fabulous journey.


Just behind us, an old man is passionately telling the 1978’s historical transatlantic, the first ‘Route du Rhum’, that was sadly marked by the disappearance at sea of Alain Colas and its Manureva trimaran. After some minutes of contemplation, his acolyte rekindles the repeated conversations about the race, betting on the maxi trimaran Spindrift 2: the most impressive race multihull ever built that will be leaded by Yann Guichard for its first solo outing across the Ocean.


It is 2 P.M and the starting signal is given. The thick mist heralds the many difficulties each navigator will be facing during his solo race until the ultimate goal: Point-a-Pitre. It has already been 4 years since sailing lovers waited for this. Created by Michel Etévenon, the Route du Rhum celebrates its 10th edition and has become one of the most popular sporting events. This solo journey, also called « transatlantic of liberty starts every 4 years from the charming Saint-Malo and goes on 3542 miles to Guadeloupe, where several activities will celebrate this particular event about the rum alcohol that will be as expected the guest of honor.


More than just a challenge, this crossing is also a real adventure where human being finds himself in a private face to face with the Ocean, a continual negotiation with elements and a permanent spectacle, from the fascinating swell to the impromptu visit of indiscreet marine animals. Experience, knowledge and a bit of luck, will be the key factors, if not for victory, for the extraordinary voyage’s achievement.

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Verbier and its sunny mountains

Verbier, typical hamlet nestled on the Valais’ sunny valley, has been very popular since 1930 thanks to its enchanting sceneries and its snow-covered slopes. Located at the heart of Swiss Alps, the village has now become one of the most renowned European ski resorts, especially for mountains-lovers. That’s why, as an informed and discerning sybarite, Le Collectionist decided to make a stopover in this peaceful retreat, for an elegant one-on-one. Le Collectionist has been seduced contemplating the majestic Mont Blanc and the beautiful landscapes magnificently illuminated by the tonic winter sun.

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However, the enchantment of the venue doesn’t only work in winter. When the snow starts to melt, we discover more than a thousand treasures in this lovely summer village, such as the flamboyant green forests and the surroundings plains.

Another aesthete, Martin Tison Engstroem, certainly influenced by the Hermann Hesse’s quote « You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible », has decided that the magical Verbier will become the meeting place for musical excellence. Indeed, in 1994 Martin Tison Engstroem has created the famous Verbier Festival Academy that attracts more and more music-lovers over the years. This outward-looking festival mixing jazz, world, classic music and also drama, invites a lot of prestigious artists such as Barbara Hendrix, Marthe Keller, Isabelle Huppert and the mythical Diana Ross, who are all incidentally the festival’s sponsors – we personally loved as well as Björk performing the Schoenberg’s musical work « le Pierrot Lunaire », and the well-known Russian pianist Dimitri Bashkirov.

Between giant artists and young talents, this festival has become a real reference in the music world while developing one of the most popular training orchestra: the Verbier Festival Orchestra (VFO).


However, far from the crowd and varied ceremonies, mountains, valleys, glaciers, lakes and waterways cohabit to form the natural architecture of the Valaisan’s relief. Breathtaking sites, such as the Aletsch’s glacier, one of UNESCO world heritage site, feed the landscape’s wealth of this region. Through this marvelous lighting, Verbier is definitely one of the greatest destinations in summer and winter thanks to its continual sunshine all year long.

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Appartement Eden, Verbier img

Chalet Atlas, Verbier


Chalet The Lodge, Verbier


Chalet Zéphyr, Verbier



In the heart of the Austrian Alps, Lech lives in a luxuriant nature made of frozen rocks, forests and large pastures, source of legendary stories.

Completely captivated by the Tannberg region’s originality, Le Collectionist decided to discover this fantastic universe, perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Beyond its mythical aspect, Lech am Arlberg, located in Tyrol’s borders, is an idyllic ski resort for winter sports lovers, that welcomed one of the greatest Alpine skiing world’s cup.


As an old rural village founded during the 14th century, Lech was transformed into an in-vogue ski resort in the 20’s while keeping its original charm. This stunning charm comes from its ideal geographic situation: nestled in a 200-million-year fossilized primitive lake, Lech is one of the last European wild fluvial landscapes. Magic waterfalls, mountain goats’ flock, rare plants and the spectacular suspended Holzagau bridge, everything is splendid. You will discover one of the most varied nature of Central Europe when following the « Green ring’s hike » ('Der Grüne Ring') where Daniel Nikolaus Kocher’s sculptures appear along the trail.


This legendary land feeds itself for multiple centuries. Indeed, in the Reutte’s market town, not far from Lech, the Ehrenberg's castles and Schlosskopf and Klause’s fortresses are a symbol to the Middle Age and Renaissance periods. These monuments are the key witnesses of both the Habsbourg’s dynasty and a crucial war period for the entire region.

The Lech village and region, notably highlighted by the writer Daniela Egger, leads its visitors to contemplate this astonishing nature, harmoniously mixed with a modern and luxurious environment.

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img img Chalet Carl, Lech

img img Chalet Überhaus, Lech

img img Chalet Hazelnut, Lech

img Natalie Serroussi, Grand Palais, stand C24.

For the last forty-first years, Paris lives at the pace of the prestigious FIAC (Contemporary Art International Fair) that takes place in Paris under the impressive Grand Palais’ glass roof from October 23rd to 26th. This is perfect opportunity for Collectionists to discover the best of modern Arts, with more than 190 French and international galleries and a lot of different new and old artists.

However, to make this moment very unique, Le Collectionist decided to get off the beaten track for a special walk and enjoy a blend of art, exception and above all modernity with the Saint Germain des Près artistic promenade. Genuine artistic stroll for about 10 years, the Saint-Germain des Près artistic promenade offers amateurs as well as art collectors the chance to discover contemporary works perfectly mixed in their everyday life favorite places. Trendy cafes, luxury boutiques, in-vogue restaurants and mythical places will transform for a few days in temporary exhibition spaces. This brilliant initiative contributes to give a new lease of life to the trendy and famous Saint-Germain des Près area.

img img Le Gun, Café de Flore, Saint-Germain-des-Près.

Approximately thirty artists exhibits at this alternative event, Le Collectionist’s crush falls on the French talent Artus de Lavilléon, famous for initiating the Art Posthume movement. Some of these humorous sketches, with both retro and modern style, are exhibited until October 31st in the Ted Baker boutique, located at 47, rue Bonaparte in the mythical 6th arrondissement of Paris. img

Artus de Lavilléon, Ted Baker boutique, Saint-Germain-des-Près.

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