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** The Benoit restaurant, New York **

New York. Cosmopolitan city, it definitively is the most European cities of all United States. Its inhabitants have always been true food lovers, and French typical products and know-how are becoming a real model in terms of quality and savors.

More and more French Chefs are trying to conquest New-Yorkers and therefore there is a growing passion for this tricolored cuisine that is tangible from the most bohemian districts to the most conservative ones. The first established French restaurants have known a real success by delighting the ‘Haute Gastronomie’. The Bernardin restaurant, owned by the chef Eric Ripert has become one of the major place in the United States as well as the ‘Daniel’, imagined by the same-named Daniel Boulud, three Michelin starred Chef.


** The Bernardin restaurant, New York **

However, since many years, a new trend emerged in the City of Lights: ‘the Bistronomie’. Even if gastronomic restaurants are still prestigious, more and more brasseries and Parisian cafes have the place of honor across the Atlantic, by offering an accessible but quality food. A few steps away from the 5th Avenue, Alain Ducasse’s Restaurant Le Benoit gives a perfect example of this new culinary trend. Much more than just a Michelin-starred Chef, Ducasse is a real businessman who had the brilliant idea to reproduce his Parisian establishment with its brasserie menu and classic dishes such as the timeless egg-mayonnaise.

Thanks to the development of the Fooding movement and its disciples named the ‘foodies’, French cuisine is definitely less snobbish, more accessible and above all more innovative. That’s exactly the kind of cuisine that would seduce our fine gourmet Collectionists’ experienced palate. They should obviously rush at the first opportunity to taste the delicious green curry monkfish imagined by The Fat Radish team.


** The Fat Radish restaurant, New York **

From Delicatessen to Michelin-starred restaurant, through emblematic Bistros, the French culinary art knows its time of glory and will still make the ‘city that never sleeps’ dream for a long time.

To visit New York and taste French cuisine like a true Collectionist, discover this amazing loft: Loft Amber, NYC

img Villa Vittorio, Porto Vecchio, Corsica

Land of refuge for travelers looking for emotion and quietness, Corsica is an island full of singularities that celebrate a real living legacy. Just a two-hour flight from the bustling life of the capital, “l’Ile de Beauté” and its treasures take you for a peaceful and revitalizing sojourn with the maquis scents, with no reason to envy the most exotic destinations.

Napoleon’s birthplace, Corsica possesses an amazing history and beautiful heritage. It offers the possibility to discover a different world where serenity and idleness of the island are combined for inhabitants’ greatest pleasure. Passing travelers will succumb to the charm of the “Iles Sanguinaires”, on the Ajaccio’s coasts, with an extraordinary panorama under a relaxing sun. At some hundred meters above the sea, there is just no word to describe such a view, especially the one from “les Calanques de Piana”, where the famous lovers made of stones, natural sculptures, release a romanticism fragrance.


For the amateurs of fresh air, there is nothing more thrilling than a couple or family boat getaway, to discover the coastal sceneries, the unexpected beauty of the crystal clear waters and the granitic cliffs populated with seabirds. Typical regional villages, whose beauty is always untouched, unveil the intimate face of Corsica, like Centuri, an authentic small marina hidden between mountains, at the tip of the Corsica peninsula.


From wild breaks to the private sandy beaches, from Porto Vecchio to Bonifacio, or Ajaccio, Mediterranean delights are infinite. Under the shade of Laricio pines or in heart of the maquis, one enjoys the delicate caress of water on your feet. Extraordinary moments, a little piece of paradise and an unbelievable experience, Corsica is an island where beauties are revealed and happiness is shared.

Benvenuti in Corsica

For an exceptional sojourn, discover our selection of villas.


Villa l'Escalet, Saint-Tropez

At Villa l'Escalet, you'll be between land and sea. All the rooms offer a breathtaking 180-degree view of the Mediterranean sea. Enormous windows open onto the blue sea and natural light floods completely the house, from common places on the main floor to bedrooms on the first floor. A true haven of peace on the top of the world in l'Escalet, nestled between rocky hillsides, lush forests and crystal clear waters...


Villa Mimpi Pintu, Bali

In the far East end of Bali, Villa Mimpi Pintu is a beach house overlooking the Amuk Bay. Thanks to its unique location, its guests can enjoy a pool house dedicated to relaxation and massage with the blue ocean in the background. Its large open spaces invite you to let go and dream on this island seeped in spirituality and legend...


Villa Vittorio, Porto Vecchio

Villa Vittorio has one the most beautiful view in Southern Corsica. It overlooks the Palombaggia Bay and offers to aesthetic travellers amazing turquoise blue shades. All far in the horizon, you can observe the Cerbicales Islands and Sardinia: an exceptional panorama.


Villa Pauline, Saint-Tropez

Luxury Villa Pauline overlooks the Escalet Bay and offers a spectacular view to its guests. From every corner, it is impossible to miss the "Grande Bleue" : all the rooms are turned toward the outside. A few steps away from the beaches, Villa Pauline is a magical place to share special moments with friends and family.


Villa Pia, Saint-Tropez

Perched in the hills of Saint-Tropez, in the famous Capon neighbourhood, Villa Pia has an impressive panoramic view over the azur sea and French Provence. Situated in the middle of a Mediterranean garden full of singing crickets, the villa owns in its genes the Provencal spirit that will be loved by travellers seeking for authenticity.


Villa Sandro, Mauritius Island

If you are dreaming about escape, Villa Sandro is made for you. Located off the coast of Mauritius Island, nestled in the middle of a turquoise lagoon, it offers a panoramic ocean view and owns its private beach. Villa Sandro forms all the fantasy of the heavenly island lost in the middle of a turquoise ocean: an authentic experience that goes beyond the codes of travel and escape.


The indoor pool at Chalet The Lodge, Verbier

A true haven of peace is waiting for you at the Chalet lower level. After a day on the ski slopes, jump into the large indoor pool, safe from the Swiss winter cold. To complete this relaxation time, a jacuzzi and a hammam are situated at the same floor, not to mention our professional masseuse Amy and her revitalizing massages.


The summer lounge area at Villa Tulum, Saint-Tropez

After a beautiful day on the Pampelonne beach, take advantage of those last sunrays by savouring a glass of wine on the terrace lounge area. But what is magic about this place is with no doubt the breathtaking view over the Mediterranean sea and the Île du Levant, a real dream landscape.


The helipad at Villa Galatée, Saint-Tropez

Nestled in the hills of Escalet, a few minutes from the Pampelonne beaches, Villa Galatée is protected within a luxurious 2.5-hectare park offering extraordinary natural surroundings. And at the back of it, a helipad is hidding: an incredible luxury to escape Saint-Tropez summer traffic.


The private beach at Villa Sandro, Mauritius Island

Who has never dreamed to leave on a desert island? This is reality at Villa Sandro, private island with high standard services, off the coast of Mauritius Island. Alone on your private beach, get comfortable on your méridienne, drink a Collectionist cocktail and enjoy the blue horizon of the Indian Ocean.


The master suite at Villa Kosong, Bali

The master suite of Villa Kosong is open onto a private terrace where you could find a summer in-ground bathtub for a relaxing experience in front of the ocean. Next to it, you could enjoy a well-being moment in the purest Asian tradition thanks to the massage table.


The boudoir-like living room at Chalet Ornella, Megève

Arranged like an artist's workshop, the Chalet Ornella first floor features a cozy little boudoir lounge area. This comfortable snug nest offers incredible panoramas over the surrounding Megève mountains through its enormous windows, it is the perfect place to spend privileged moments with friends or family.



Jackie O' in Skorpios, 1970's

Between the centenary plantings of olive trees and the song of cicadas, the Greek island Skorpios was - on October 20, 1968 - the setting of the most unexpected wedding of the 20th century. The Greek billionaire ship-owner Aristotle Onassis is marrying the American ex first lady Jackie Kennedy. Incredible little private paradise of the Ionian sea where pine trees, cypresses and junipers are plunges into the sea, the couple was living there simply. Far from the American buzzing, Jackie retained her taste for decoration and fashion - she embellished the villas of the island according to her chic and elegant tastes.

Nowadays a deserted oasis of green, the island gazes at the tourists loosing themselves on its two large beaches and hoping to touch the Onassis legend.


Paros Island.

Further to the south, on Paros Island, the city of Naoussa - once a little prosperous fishing village - is during the summer season a charming Greek Saint-Tropez.

During the day, you can sit down on a terrace on the little harbour while drinking Ouzo or typical wine from Paros and savoring a traditional Greek meal: kakavia, gouna or salatouri. On the evening, you'll wander in the little picturesque streets which at the nightfall live to the rhythm of traditional music and dance. There, young and old people meet and call each other. But it is only the beginning of the night in that Cyclades place of leisure.

As for the aesthetic travellers looking for tranquility, they will have to walk up to Lefkes. Small village located in the heart of the mountains, the first inhabitants were Naoussa refugees who settled down there to be safe from pirates. Today, in the authentic village with white-coloured streets, walking is the only way to get about. You'll savor an iced coffee on the place of the Agia Triada church while admiring the panorama: the turquoise sea in the background, the surrounding mountains and the white houses furnished with colorful flowers. But you cannot leave Lefkes without stride along the Byzantine path which is crossing the forest and leading to the village of Prodrommos. Olive trees several centuries old and enchanting scents surround this wonderful promenade in the heart of the Cyclades Islands.


Villa Eleni, Crete.

From the Cycladic Islands to Ionian ones, these Greek beauty spots are an infinite source of richness and history. Le Collectionist is taking you in Crete. Villa Eleni sounds like a call to travel from Orient. Sun-kissed and steeped in history, the house is just waiting to be discovered...

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